Friday, January 7, 2011


I have been contemplating starting a blog for some time now and after going back and forth deciding if I would be interesting enough and finally picking a name for it, here I am! Probably still not interesting, but lets pretend. I am hoping this blog will do a few things: 

  • force me to stay focused on my passions
  • help me MAKE time for said passions
  • to eventually do it all better
  • and hopefully share (and gain) some knowledge along the way

There are really three parts to this blog:

Crafty - adventures in papercrafting! I will say that I am mostly a scrapbook layout kind a gal, but I also love altering items and am really trying to push myself in to cardmaking. It's a hard concept for me considering I'm not a card giver. and thank-you cards? puh-lease! nobody does that anymore! right? RIGHT!? See, hard concept. 

Flashy - No, not glitz and glamour. I'd say I'm far from that. This would be my passion for photography. Since my son was born Ive mostly delved into portraiture and as much as I have loved growing and learning while clicking away every chance I got, I feel that nature/scenic/landscape photography is more my thing and something I haven't focused on in many years. 

Tasty - This girl loves to cook. and bake. and eat. and eat. Did I say eat? Yeah, I'm working on that. I am a cookbook lover trying to get out of her comfort zone. I have only recently begun cooking, at times, without a steadfast recipe in front of me. I am tweaking, and food still tastes....good? great! Its a surprise to me too. Sometimes I actually know what I'm doing. 


So, that's it in a long nutshell. Let's get this party started!


  1. How cute! I can't wait to see more posts and bookmarked ya!


  2. I love your blog name girl! I'm eager to see what all you post.