Friday, January 28, 2011

{flashy} Fix-It Friday #84

Another Friday, another edit!

Original photo from I Heart Faces

My edit

Using CS4, the first thing I did was open the channels tab and click on load info (the dotted circle at the bottom of the box) This selects the highlights in the photo. I inversed the selection, which selects the shadows, and created a curves adjustment pulling the midtones up. This lightens the shadows without lightening the highlights.

The rest of my edit was fairly business as usual
  • curves adjustment, slight s-curve
  • levels adjustment, on each channel
  • duplicated background, multiply blend mode at 20% opacity, masked the girl back in
  • yellow fill layer, at 15% opacity
  • high pass sharpen
  • Nelly Nero gritty texture, at 15% opacity, masked the girl back in
  • cropped

Check out the rest of the edits!

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