Saturday, January 5, 2013

{crafty} Focus on Memory Keeping

Me + memory keeping = EPIC FAIL. 

Isn't that the whole point of scrapbooking? And I do call myself a scrapbooker, even if I only get 1 or 2 pages done every month.

I rarely journal on my pages. Partly because I hate my writing and don't want to feel like I have ruined my page and also because, as of late especially, I tend to create my pages with more portrait type pictures that don't have a story behind it. See? Fail!

Keeping in line with my OLW this year I am striving to change this. I am going to be more intentional about scrapping pictures that really mean something to me rather than just the ones that show I can take a nice picture, as nice as they may look on a page. I would however like to spend more time using my DSLR this year and not rely so much on my phone for my photos. 

And just in case I don't quite get those memories on a layout, I will be focusing on other ways of memory keeping as well!

I absolutely adore this perpetual memory calendar from Mou Saha

My project list seems to be ever growing so the thought of even doing this right now completely overwhelms me. So instead, for this year, I opted to keep it simple and do the memory jar that is currently all over Pinterest. 

via Pinterest

I am using a standard size mason jar but I would like to get something larger. Once I do I plan on prettying it up since I have to look at it all year long ;-) At the end of the year I plan on putting each sheet on a D-Ring, add a cover and simple embellies and making a quick mini out of it.

I haven't been very good at journaling
ever since I gave up on keeping a diary in high school! The husband got me this journal for Christmas and I hope to use it as a sort of catch all. As a prayer/devotional journal as well as anything else I feel the need to write down. I would really like to end up with an eclectic mix of writing, art journaling, smash booking, whatever I feel like throwing down on paper in a given day.

And lastly! I am committing to Photo a Day. We'll see if I can do it for the entire year but I'm willing to take it a month at a time and go from there! I also plan to create a layout to recap each month.

I am very excited about the changes I want to make within myself this year, and memory keeping is just a portion of it. I'm just praying that I can stay focused and not lose sight of how important memory keeping is.  

So, how do you remember those little moments that can be so easily forgotten? Project life? Journaling? Something completely different? 

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