Sunday, November 4, 2012

{flashy} Photo Share

I have a couple of frames in the house that I have been thinking of swapping out with new pictures. I had a few in mind already but as I was looking back at my pictures, I realized I totally neglected my camera this year. I am terrible about capturing everyday moments from anything other than my phone, and on my phone they usually stay.

Since I am going through my small collection of photos I thought a blog share was in order. It's been a while for that too! Some of my favorites from this year...A few from Cambodia

look at those feet! these kids live in the dirt, it was rare to see any wearing shoes

this little girl was so precious
one of the nicer homes we saw in the villages
I snapped this from the van as we drove by on our way to a village

I just adore this picture! Taken at Remember Nhu.

Back at home, a few macro shots.

and of course some Instagram pics
Pike's Market in Seattle
Space Needle, of course
View form the Space Needle
A nearby park where I run...when I run
And most recently, on the road to a friends house on a beautiful fall morning

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