Friday, June 21, 2013

{crafty} Work Space

The last month has been a complete whirlwind of activity and to-do's to mark off my list. On top of shop orders, gifts to make, creating a 30 minute slideshow for little man's Pre-K graduation and other school activities I also decided it was a great time to PURGE. And that task was not isolated to my craft room, but rather the whole house. And while I was at it, why not do a little painting as well? My house has been a semi-disaster the last few weeks while all this was going on and now everything is finally pulling together and becoming less chaotic. Thankfully just in time, as my inlaws are on their way up from California to visit for two weeks and will be here tomorrow afternoon!

The master bedroom and bathroom are getting little makeovers, going from builder beige to Granite Grey. I LOVE the color we picked out and cannot wait to do a little decorating once I am completely finished painting. I may just have to post some before and after shots. 

The last few days I have been focusing on organizing my craft space. One thing I have learned about myself in the last few years is that if I cannot SEE my supplies I will most definitely forget about them and they will go unused. Aside from my paper all of my supplies are now completely visible on a shelf or in clear containers. I may even go wild and label them ;-)

Next time I take pictures I will do my best not to do it in the evening! These colors are not very accurate.
Several of my organizational pieces have been here since we first built my desk space when we moved in. Primarily the mason jars, magazine racks and hanging cups. I have been moving around the plastic buckets to be more practical and created tiered shelves for my paints and mists from spare pieces of wood in the garage. 

My tower of shelves holds my recent Studio Calico kits and current projects. On top is a tiered file organizer to hold the most recent kit. 

Now that all this organizing is done and life is slowing down just a bit, I am hoping to actually create something in my space! I have a few incomplete layouts that are in need of being finished, a brand new Dylusions art journal begging for paint and ink, and the gorgeous Studio Calico Atlantic collection to inspire something lovely!